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Find Lowest Cost Feeding Program for specific Live Weight and Feed2Gain. 

Select for Maximized White or Dark Meat


Estudy(R) Program that Fits Ingrediets to your MatrixChickenBrown.jpg

This program uses your experience and studies to match a new ingredient or enzyme treatment to your Existing Ingredients.  Now you can add a new ingredient with confidence.  Evaluate the values of an enzyme or other growth modification, in terms of your existing Matrix Values.



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Shows Effect of Changing Energy and Amino Acids on

Live Weight, Carcass Composition, and Feed2Gain. 

Calibrates to Your Situation without Least Cost Programming


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Click above to read about a new program that helps pet store operators

help their customers.  Building better relationships.

Based on pet weight and food selection, you provide your customer with the right food amounts

                      and even weight loss suggestions, when appropriate, with your store information on the report.


Here are some Keys to improving field performance. 

Getting the Actual Requirements of the animal, Knowing the Actual Ingredient Contents and Reducing Batch to Batch Feed Variation.  Below are some helpful programs to accomplish this.

BROILER REQUIREMENTS     Click here to calculate Protein and Amino Acid Requirements of Broiler Chicks which are based on age and expected growth by breed. INGREDIENT CONTENTS    Click here to estimate Amino Acid Contents of 23 Ingredients  based on your Proximate Analysis values.  This reduces the expected variation because more is known about the ingred.
FEED VARIATION  Click here to Calculate the Diet Variation due simply to the natural variation of raw materials. Combine with  Requirements for better insights on performance variation. INGREDIENT VALUES FROM EXPERT TABLES    Click here to see Tables of Nutrient Values from around the World

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To Compute Variation of a Diet:

Enter the Percent of Each Ingredient and see the nutrient content and variation:                     <%%>

Ingredient Percent Nutrient Mean Low 1 in 20 High 1 in 20
Corn, Yellow

Energy, Kcal/Kg

Corn, High Oil Protein, %
Milo Methionine,%
Wheat Met. + Cys,%
Barley Lysine, %
Bakery Byproduct

Rice Tryptophan, %
Canola Meal Tyrosine, %
Corn Gluten Meal Moisture, %
Feather Meal

Fat, %

Fish Meal

Weight, %

Should not add to 100 No Wt. for Vitamins, etc
Meat & Bone Meal
Soybean Meal 44%
Soybean Meal 48%
Poultry Byproduct
Fat, Animal & Veg.
Lysine HCl
Alimet Methionine

  Variation affects growth more than overall cost.  Use of Proximates (INGREDIENT CONTENTS) to estimate amino acids in feed significantly reduces the variation from the estimates above.  To know more about feed variation, other ingredients, or variabilty's impact on growth, send an e-mail to


To Compute Broiler Chick Protein and Amino Acid Requirements based on unconstrained growth, select a breed, flock sex, and bird age.

This program estimates the amino acid requirements of broiler chicks based on expected growth. This technique does not utilize the Ideal Protein approach but assumes that amino acids are different for muscle growth, maintainence and feathering, based on rate of growth and actual live weight. Increasing or decreasing energy to protein ratio will affect carcass composition and may be desirable depending on market requirements.


Enter Energy in Feed                Enter Age              Select Broiler Type         Select Flock Sex

Expected Unconstrained Wt

  on Day   

Available Nutrients

  Nutrient Intake


g. per day

Protein, %
Lysine, %
Methionine, %
Met. + Cys, %
Tryptophan, %
Arginine, %
Threonine, %


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